MannieBear Technologies is a behavioral and mental health technology company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 2015, MannieBear's mission is to bring an innovative and creative spin to the healthcare industry through the use of gaming. Armed with a hyper focus on building tools and games that help bridge the gap between mental health professionals and children, we are able to redefine the face of affordable mental healthcare.



founder, CEO

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for serving others, Amanda is very passionate about building a company founded on strong values that contribute to building a better kind of healthcare. 

A certified SCRUM master, Amanda has a lengthy background in project management, operations, and delivering unique technology solutions that focus on providing patients with enhanced levels of quality care.  Amanda has been a member of the Nashville healthcare industry since 2006, and lives in West Nashville with her cat, dog, and three children. 



Co-founder, CTO

David is a veteran co-founder with a passion for businesses with high social impact. He has a background in creating robust healthcare information systems and delivering technology solutions that produce value on multiple levels. David has been a member of the Nashville healthcare industry since 2008. He lives in south Nashville with his high school sweetheart and their three (soon to be four!) daughters.